Cheesemongers of Santa Fe features reviews on a thoughtful selection of over 150 domestic and international cheeses, as well as cut-to-order cured meats, antipasti, and a tailored selection of accompanying grocery products.

We specialize in smaller-scale and farmstead produced goods, and work closely with our many local and regional producers, from cheesemakers and bakers, to the producers of delicious mustards, chutney, honey and pickles. All of these specialist help us in analyzing the quality of the goods, so that we can provide you with the best review possible.

Besides reviews, we will also be hosting content on some of the most question on the internet when it comes to dairy products and other daily goods.


The most significant aspect of our work as cheesemongers is to connect our consumers on a daily basis with the producers of authentic, wholesome, and flavorful foods – foods skillfully crafted with the utmost regard for the preservation of thousands of years of traditional practices, together with the welfare of the land and animals on which all our communities depend.

We strive to build a thriving marketplace for cheese and other real foods that enrich the lives of farmers, craftspeople, consumers, working people, and the community alike.

Every interaction is a pungent opportunity to share our love of cheese, and help re-establish real, traditionally made cheese as a treasured and exciting part of our collective culinary and cultural fabric, and as a reality in our present food landscape – something that can be ordinary in our lives, yet extraordinary to eat.