Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine typically acknowledged for its fruity flavors and textures, relative level of acidity and aromas, which are frequently grassy or herb-like. For these factors, experts like to pair the wine with numerous kinds of goat cheese. That does not imply, nevertheless, that other cheeses won’t work similarly well. On our list, we’ll provide you with a variety of goat and other cheeses to couple with your next bottle of Sauvignon Blanc based on cheese tastes and textures. Discover the best cheeses with Sauvignon Blanc for your next cheese and red wine party!

Best Cheese With Sauvignon Blanc

Product NameScore
Deli Direct Wisconsin Cheese Spread 4.7Check Price
igourmet Goat Gouda4.6Check Price
Cypress Grove Purple Haze Chevre4.6Check Price
Cheesers Gorgonzola Dolcina Cheese4.4Check Price
Parmigiano Reggiano4.1Check Price

1. Deli Direct Wisconsin Cheese Spread – Aged Asiago

Asiago is a bit different from a few of the other cheeses we suggest given that it is normally rather pungent. However, despite the strong odor, it is frequently advised as one of the top cheese options for Gewurztraminer pairings. Usually, the lighter and dryer the white wine, the better it will contrast with the strong odors of Asiago cheese. Sauvignon Blanc may not be as light or dry as some sweet white wines on the market, but it is more than capable of being a sufficient partner to Asiago. Cheese enthusiasts who value both strong taste and odor in their appetizers make sure to take pleasure in some Asiago and Sauvignon Blanc at your next party. We’ve selected a spread that we like for its usefulness on crackers and other food items.

2. igourmet Goat Gouda

As we discussed in our introduction, goat cheese is one type that lends itself to being a particularly fantastic partner to any Sauvignon Blanc. And luckily, you can find a variety of different cheeses that keep the same fundamental ingredient of goat’s milk. Here we have a great goat cheese Gouda that offers an outstanding appetizer to the Sauvignon Blanc served at your next celebration. The smooth and tasty tastes and textures of this goat Gouda offer an exceptional balance to the lighter tones of the majority of Sauvignon Blanc red wines.

3. Cypress Grove Purple Haze Chevre

The unique and very sweet taste of this special goat cheese from Cypress Grove is an excellent contrast to a lot of Sauvignon Blancs. The rich tastes of the cheese tend to balance the fairly light and dry textures of the red wine. This particular goat cheese has a unique taste thanks to the lavender buds collected and infused throughout the body of the cheese. If for no other factor, it deserves trying with your next bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to experience the one-of-a-kind taste combinations.

4. Cheesers Gorgonzola Dolcina Cheese

Gorgonzola might not be at the top of the list when it concerns cheeses that pair with Sauvignon Blanc; however, it still is worthy of a place. Like other blue cheeses, it has a fairly effective smell, so a Sauvignon Blanc with its normally grassy aroma can be a terrific option to keep things in check. You can get Sauvignon Blancs of different strengths to examine which you like best; some may choose to keep a lot of the more powerful smells of Gorgonzola intact.

5. Parmigiano Reggiano

As Mozzarella is to Pinot Grigio, so too is Parmesan to a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Like Mozzarella, you might expect to find Parmesan topping your preferred Italian meals for the most part. Nevertheless, it’s a cheese that also excels at being a nice appetizer during any white wine and cheese occasion. The difficult texture and happily smooth and moderate taste coat the taste buds and bring the light, fruity tastes of Sauvignon Blanc to the leading edge before the red wine cleans the cheese and prepares you for the next bite.

6. Sharp Cheddar Cheese from Wisconsin Cheese Company

Although lots of people want to match their Sauvignon Blanc or other wines with the ideal cheese, it’s equally crucial to understand that contrast in between the two can likewise be great. If you want a cheese that will withstand the light taste and grassy aromas of the typical Sauvignon Blanc, think about a sharp cheddar. This particular one will provide you with a great bite without subduing the notes of the Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a premium cheese that is aged well for maximum appetizing flavor.

7. Montchevre Organic Goat Cheese Plain

It’s tough to go wrong with just plain goat cheese when you’re trying to find something to pair with that bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. That’s because it has a lot of features that make it ideal for complementing this wine. Goat cheeses like this one have a tart taste and a rich, creamy texture that is ideal for bringing out the bold and rich tastes in the white wine itself. Goat cheese goes especially well with a Sauvignon Blanc that is heavily oaked.

8. igourmet Beemster Classic Aged Gouda

A lot of Gouda’s work effectively with Sauvignon Blanc however we choose a well-aged Gouda as a general rule. That’s why we are more than happy to recommend this specific Gouda from Beemster, aged not less than eighteen months for a perfect nutty flavor that sets well with the red wine and helps to highlight its complete flavor capabilities. Besides, the normal light fruitiness and grassy scents of a Sauvignon Blanc will bring out the absolute potential of the Gouda.

9. Fresh Mozzarella BelGioioso

Thanks to its use on pizza and other Italian meals, you’re likely currently conscious that Mozzarella spreads well. This indicates that the cheese likewise lends itself to being a terrific topping for various appetizers at your next wine and cheese celebration. In addition, the usual tangy and reasonably moderate flavors of a good Mozzarella make it a perfect buddy to the light and grassy qualities of Sauvignon Blanc.

10. Sheep’s Milk White Feta Cheese Made in Bulgaria

Some might inform you to avoid Feta cheese if your wine of choice is Sauvignon Blanc. We say go all out, as the sharp tastes of the majority of Fetas help to stabilize the lighter, fruitier tastes of a lot of Sauvignon Blancs. As long as you don’t spread out the Feta atop foods that usually have an equally sharp taste, you should be great. Feta is too excellent an option to miss as a cheese appetizer here, and it should not subdue the wine just by itself.


While this is not an exhaustive list of all cheeses that complement Sauvignon Blanc– especially if you are adventurous enough to try some of the more obscure pairings out there– we feel it is an outstanding primer. If you’re searching for a cheese that will contrast or compliment a bottle of this red wine, you make certain to find a few of the best cheeses to go with Sauvignon Blanc on our list.

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