Neufchatel Cheese is a soft, a little crumbly, mold-ripened cheese made in the Neufchâtel-en-Bray, French region of Normandy. One of the earliest kinds of cheese in France, its manufacturing is believed to go back to the 6th century. It looks comparable to Camembert, with a dry, white, edible peel, but the taste is saltier as well as sharper. Unlike other soft-white-rinded cheeses, Neufchâtel has a grainy appearance. It is most normally marketed in heart shapes however is additionally produced in other types, such as logs and boxes. It is normally matured for 8– 10 weeks and also weighs around 100 to 600 g.

Soft as well as fresh keeping that incredible tang, cream cheese is a form of unripened cheese that is utilized thoroughly in icing, cheesecakes, as well as dips. While shopping for lotion cheese in grocery as well as specialized cheese shops, you may have seen Neufchâtel cheese placed on the same rack. Now, you might be confused whether to take lotion cheese or Neufchâtel cheese. Besides, they look the very same and have almost similar product packaging as well, and also aren’t both these soft cheeses made from cow’s milk and also cream?

Aside from the instead lengthy name, the primary distinction between Neufchâtel cheese and also cream cheese is their place of origin. While Neufchâtel cheese is made in Neufchâtel-en-Bray in north Normandy, France, cream cheese is an American development established in 1872 in New York State. Although they are made from milk as well as cream, there are slight differences in the fat web content, taste, and structure of both cheese types. Both of them are also different in terms of their respective shelf lives. Neufchatel lasts longer for upto 4 weeks while cream cheese is advised to be consumed within 10 days. Both are classified as perishables by BestKitchenBuy, and are advised to not let sit for indefinite periods even within the refrigerator.

Neufchâtel Cheese vs. Cream Cheese

American vs. French

The major distinction in between Neufchâtel cheese and cream cheese is their country of origin. The Neufchâtel cheese originates in the community of Neufchâtel in the Haute Normandy area, Pays de Bray. It is among the earliest cheese made in France, and also is a member of the AOC family members. According to a legend, during the A Century’ War, young maidens of this area formed the cheese into heart shapes and also provided them to the English conquerors.

In an effort to recreate the French cheese, an American milk male, William Lawrence of Chester, N.Y. developed this cheese in 1872. It was created and sold in large volumes under the trade name “Philadelphia Brand”. This brand and also the Philly hallmark was later taken over by the Phoenix Metro Cheese Business of New York in 1903, and also later on by Kraft Foods in 1928, who still remain to create this cheese.

In addition to lotion cheese, there is an American version of Neufchâtel cheese on the market too. Comparable to lotion cheese, this variation of Neufchâtel cheese consists of lower calories and also even more moisture than lotion cheese.


Apart from the native land, the largest difference between the two cheese is that French Neufchâtel cheese is made just from raw cow’s milk, while cream cheese and the American Neufchâtel cheese are made from sterilized or unskimmed milk and also lotion.


Both cheese versions of soft-white cheese look really comparable. Both are soft, white, and smooth textured. Neufchâtel cheese is generally heart designed, although, sometimes, you might locate this cheese in various other types, shapes, as well as sizes such as cyndrical tubes, brick shapes, and also squares. Celebrity is grainy, crumbly, and also close textured with a soft, downy, velvety bloomy rind. French Neufchâtel cheese is grown on racks for eight to 10 weeks.

Unlike French cheese, lotion cheese is firmed with the use of lactic acid. Sometimes, stabilizers, like guar gum, are included in make the cheese firm, else it has a tendency to be crumbly. It is not normally developed and also has no rind. Lotion cheese is very subject to spoiling and also needs to be consumed within one week after opening.

Fat content

Considering that lotion cheese is made using milk and lotion, it contains 33% milk fat, and also a wetness content of not more than 55%. In contrast, Neufchâtel cheese is made just from milk, and as a result, consists of 23% milk fat. The American Neufchâtel cheese also has a little lesser calorie than lotion cheese. The lower fat ways that this cheese is commonly marketed as a reduced-fat option to lotion cheese, as well as is excellent for people wishing to drop weight.

Taste and Smell

The Neufchâtel cheese is a gourmet’s delight and is thought to have the scent and also preference of mushrooms. The abundant, nutty, and somewhat yeasty preference is marked and similar to another soft cow’s milk cheese, Camembert. Celebrity is frequently offered after it is developed for six to 10 weeks, however if developed even more, the taste comes to be smoother as well as more powerful over the weeks.

Lotion cheese is mild, sweet-tasting cheese that is usually flavored with herbs, black pepper, garlic, as well as fruits. Both cheese variants are made use of widely for garnishes, pleasant and also mouthwatering dishes, dips, and also icing as they are smooth and spreadable at space temperature

Some people get the American variation of Neufchâtel cheese thinking it to be the initial French cheese. However, the American Neufchâtel cheese is extra like lotion cheese than the French version. Before purchasing, do read the tag so that you do not perplex in between the French and American versions of Neufchâtel cheese.

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